Our Services

Since its inception, Maverick has provided across the board business solutions to government agencies, privately held businesses, and individuals. We are a nationally recognized company specializing in infectious disease, emergency response, and other additional services. Maverick distinguishes itself in that we are able to provide carefully tailored, full service answers for our partners; from operations and data analysis, to order fulfillment and reporting, Maverick prides itself in being an all encompassing establishment able to fit your organizations needs.

Infectious Disease

  • Testing & Resulting
  • Counseling Services & Education
  • Drive-Up Clinics & Pop-up Testing
  • Lab processing, reporting, and data analysis
  • Other Services

Emergency Response

  • Clean up & waste removal
  • Transport
  • Supplies
  • Other Services

General Services

  • Commercial cleaning
  • Landscaping services
  • Waste removal
  • Other Services

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